Collaboration is key to the work we do, working across and between the disciplines of Performance, Visual Arts, Film & Media, Literature, and Storytelling. See some of what we are currently working on below.

Kalik | գալիք

Kalik –  As in, Forthcoming. Next. The soon-to-come. Near Future.

Kalik is an interdisciplinary arts company & spaceship. We arrive at artmaking as generative and transformative mediums for expressing urgent truths, recalling ancestral stories and teachings, while simultaneously visioning future worlds that centre healing, justice, and love. Through Kalik we will create and produce original and participatory interdisciplinary art, performances, films, digital media, literature, events, gatherings and workshops, working with and alongside many artists, creatives, and advocates for the kinds of worlds and communities we know are possible and that we are actively building.


A collaboration with Kalik & Shapeshift Arts, created by Kamee Abrahamian, Anoushaka Ratnarajah and lee williams boudakian. Boxes is an interdisciplinary & intergenerational performance that explores the lives & relationships of the Berberian family. Marked by generational differences & the impacts of displacement, gender, sexuality & the desire to love each other, their stories reveal a family’s fight to grow closer to one another in the face of great loss & the myriad experiences that threaten to pull them apart.

winner of the Fringe New Play Prize, Boxes is currently in development with Playwrights Theatre Centre, and will premier at the Vancouver Fringe Festival in 2017. More information on the project to be updated shortly.

A World of Q

A Kalik Arts Project. (film series, in development) 

A “soft sci-fi” collaborative film-making quest that imagine into futures where those of us currently living on the “fringe” not only survive, but thrive. We, our future selves, are the descendants of survivors, tinkerers, hackers, activists, artists, witches, and warriors. Collectively, we imagine into and create visions of future worlds that centre our stories and dramas.

Dear Armen

Interactive Multidisciplinary Art & Performance project inspired by Armen Ohanian

Presented by Kalik, and created by lee williams boudakian & Kamee Abrahamian. 2015 & 2016 Tours, directed by Anoushka Ratnarajah. Featuring music by Haig Ashod Beylerian. Dear Armen tells the story of Garo, a queer and trans Armenian, who has been researching the life and works of Armen Ohanian, an enigmatic Armenian performer and survivor of the early 20th century anti-Armenian pogroms in Baku. Grappling with the discrepancies between Ohanian’s biography and memoirs, they are forced to confront memories from the past, unraveling experiences around gender, sexuality, ethnicity, family, and the role of the artist. Featuring a blend of monologue, traditional Armenian dance, erotic performance and live music, Dear Armen weaves together the voices and struggles of three generations of women and gender nonconforming Armenians.