We create arts-based workshops covering a range of topics including anti-oppression, anti-racism, and many arts workshops to help you uncover different parts of your arts practice.

From Art to Action

A 2-Day Anti-Racism workshop for artists and arts organizations. Highlighting the ways People of Colour (POC) move through the world impacted by systemic and interpersonal racism, this workshop will provide context and skills for arts practitioners and administrators to practice empathetic and proactive allyship. Together, we will work to understand how dominant social power dynamics play out in artistic communities, and how we can work individually and together towards undoing these dynamics and fostering an arts culture where people of colour are reflected, represented and centred.

Kismet Workshops

Kismet offers a range of experiential and arts-based workshops. We take an anti-oppressive and equity-building approach that emphasizes meeting each other and ourselves where we are at to build awareness. Our workshops offer opportunities to connect the dots between the individual, interpersonal and systemic. Together we will unlearn and interrupt oppressive, hurtful behaviours and learn to truly celebrate and embrace the diversity and beauty of our communities.

Scar Tissue

Scar Tissue is a 6-week writing workshop for racialized survivors of sexualized violence. Developed by lee and Pragya, this workshop will use a combination of writing activities and prompts, group exercises, textual assignments (including readings, videos, websites), and workshop discussions to guide participants in exploring  their own experiences of sexualized violence within the context of white supremacy.  Beginning with how to build safety when confronting trauma and abuse, the workshop will then address questions related to the politics of survival; family & relationships; justice & accountability; moving from coping into living; and how to experience desire & pleasure.

Art into the Heart of It

An 8-week workshop is for creative folks who arrive at artmaking as a politics and spiritual site/space/practice for survival. It is for those of us who make art as ways to dream into, shift and create new practices and paradigms of/for living. Throughout our time together, we will unpack the various pieces/parts of our practice(s): We will look at why, where, when and how we create (and we will look at the challenges and barriers we face trying to establish a why, where, when and how to create). We will explore our personal & collective politics of/for artmaking, while also seeking out the magic and sacredness inside our creative acts/practices. This is an interdisciplinary workshop: participants are invited to respond to the content of this workshop by writing, drawing, photographing, video-ing, music-ing, dancing/moving or doing your own way into our explorations

Pulling Our Way Through

A 2 day workshop series supporting our intuitive connections to the Tarot, learning from the existing stories and expanding these to fit our own. In these times, we are being called to bring our magic and tools to the table. Visioning forward and finding ways to nurture our connections to one another and our connections to the world around us has never been more vital. We believe that the Tarot can be a creative, magical, and tangible tool/process. We will approach the Tarot as being mentors, elders, and close relations. Their languages of images and symbols have ways of communicating that move beyond the “meaning” of the cards. We will tap into our intuitive relationship to the cards, seeking to invoke the magic that lives inside each of us.